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and businesses are still without power in new york city and on long island and a million are without power in new jersey. and that is causing concern as temperatures there begin to dip into the 30s. >> everyone is working as hard as they can. we have an enormous amount of city employee whose have been working 27 -- 24/7. >> most of new york city's schools are set to reopen tomorrow. that storm led to the cancellation of the new york city marathon which was set for today. coming up, how tens of thousands of runners spent their day instead. >> pg&e sent more trucks to the east coast. a truck being loaded from a military cargo plane. this is the third shipment of trucks to the region. you can go to for informatn on how to help the victims of the east coast storm. look under hot topics on the home page. >>> firefighter suffered a back injury while battling a two- alarm fire. the flames broke out at 8:00 p.m. investigators say four units caught fire. when firefighters arrived the building was engulfed in flames. >>> a man struck and killed by a muni friday has been identified tonight. san
this picture in new york city. that is a new york city police officer giving new boots to a barefoot homeless man in times square. the officer went to a store and spent $75 to buy those boots. the picture was posted tuesday night on the nypd facebook page. getting thousands of comments, including one who said an officer and a gentleman. >> he had boots in his hands and i heard him say i have these boots for you. let's take care of you. honestly what i think is his mom did something right. >> we checked facebook, so far it got 417,000 "likes." the officer said he keeps the receipt in his vest to remind him that sometimes people have it worse. >>> some of the nation's biggest retailers are reporting weak sales this month. strong weekend sales weren't enough. 18 retailers reported sales through last saturday that were up compared with a year ago and that is below the anticipated forecast. >>> tomorrow marks the end of hurricane season. this year's hurricane season produced 19 named storms. that is tied for third most on record. the average is 12. we are showing you damage brought by superstorm s
the state's job is to move from saving lives to rebuilding. >> in new york city commuters struggled to return to work. some service has been restored but 9 subway lines remain shut down today. passengers had to wait in long lines to catch a bus and many walked in. much of manhattan remains in the dark and on staten island they continue to search for two little boys who were swept away. >> some are calling for a sea barrier for new york. some warned for years. one professor has designed a wall which he says could be built for $6 billion. long before sandy, new york city officials have been looking at ways to prepare for a storm surge. >>> you probably heard unbelievable stories from back east when it comes to superstorm sandy but now you can see and hear the strength of sandy for yourself. >> oh, my god! >> our trees. >> coming up, see the rest of this tape, including more tumbling trees. >> the relief effort continued today. news channel 5's ken p ken joins us now. >> reporter: answer the call of others so that they may prevail. the base commander says the call has come in and help
to power outages or storm damage. >>> sunday's new york city mayor none was canceled today. new york city mayor michael bloomberg made the announcement just hours after he promised the race would go on despite the damage. estimated 40,000 runners from around the world had been expected to take part in that marathon. the race had been scheduled to start in staten island, which is one of the hardest hit areas from this week's storm. >>> and in 7 minutes, staten island residents say they have been left behind in relief efforts, and we asked california senator barbara boxer about what's being done, and if help is getting to those that need it. >>> four days before the election, new unemployment numbers are out, and economists say they show the economy is growing slowly, but consistently. according to the labor department, employers $171,000 jobs in october, but the unemployment rate rose from 7.9, to 7.9%, previously, it was 7.8 in september. more people started looking for work. labor secretary says the numbers show a rebound in consumer confidence. >>> today's jobs report was the last major
likes a good parade unless your personal information gets exposed. the big mistake made in new york city on thanksgiving. >>> and the ktvu ipad app is ready to download. you can watch all of our newscasts live, plus traffic, weather, and breaking news anytime, anywhere. you know how much grandma wanted to be here for your fist christmas? you see grandma lives waaaay down here, and you live way up here. brian, your cousin, he's a little bit older than you, he lives here, in chicago. and your aunt lisa lives here, in baltimore. uncle earnie? waaay out in hawaii. but don't you worry, we will always be together for christmas. [ male announcer ] being together is the best part of the holidays and cheerios is happy to be part of the family. you just ate dallas! >>> today jim harbaugh spoke, and he didn't commit, but you get the feeling that it's going to be colin kaepernick. >> colin kaepernick, he can do no wrong, as it is right now, winning his second consecutive start. did it in a tough location, down in new orleans in that dome. there are the two of them on the sidelines yesterday. kaepern
what it looked like at macy's in new york city at the stroke of midnight, and how many people jammed into that store. 0!ockÑ?çóxo?Ñ=çñÑñçvxqx?ñññ?óioy >>> the black friday shopping craze is certainly a coast to coast phenom man. thousands packed the square in new york city for the opening of the macy's store. take a look. more than 800 macy's stores across the country will stay open for 23 straight hours for those black friday sales. >>> for most of us, when we get cold, we put on a coat, but not every has a coat, and that's why ktvu is sponsoring a coat drive. rita kicks off our coverage. those coats still coming in? >> reporter: they are. a little slower now, but we've had a gorgeous day out here. girls, how many coats? >> 1,374! >> reporter: 1,374 coats. that's more than double what we had out here this time last year. with me right now is sandy from city team international in san jose. we kind of have this friendly rivalry between reporter and locations, but the real winners here are the people on this street. you distribute these coats. >> yes, i do. the need out
tomorrow. in new york city 60 polling place damaged by the storm are being moved to new locations. the city is providing shuttle service to the new sites. >>> it was a slow ride back to work today in manhattan. check out these pictures. michael bloomberg lifted a carpool rule on the bridges. the busy tunnel is open only to bus traffic between manhattan and new jersey and fewer than normal subway trains are running still. and commuter train service between new jersey and new york is still not running. >>> new york is investigating 400 cases of price gouging. they are accusing businesses of hiking prices on goods, especially gas. the price of potatoes jumped from $3 to $7 after the storm. bread doubled to $7 and matches tripled to $10. state law prohibits spikes in prices for goods, including food, water, batteries and gas. >>> senator dianne feinstein, governor jerry brown attend the final meeting for pro prop 30. i am tom vacar, still ahead. >> and i have extremes to talk about, record heat today and cold weather around the corner. i will have all the specifics. ♪ [ male announcer ] start
restored power to 23,000 customers in new york city. >> the customers were absolutely, unbelievably ecstatic how happy they were to see the blue and white trucks come in there >> they appreciates, brought us donuts and coffee, very, very heartwarming. >> one time i'm closing a transformer picking up 40 people, the guy in the whole time in the background going god bless you >> reflecting on their mission. >> it magnifies and steps it as the priority we already have. it was awesome. >> i'm a united states marine, helping anybody in america, that was awesome, i enjoyed every minute of it. >> coach jennifer vargas made sure crews had everything they needed. >> very proud all of us, every single one of us getting there and up canning homeful i can't wait to get home to my kids. >> >> reporter: give you a different perspective on disasters? >> yes, it does, go home, hug your family, be prepared. >> that said, enough said. >>> now, students are camping out to make sure uc regents hear their voices, earlier, today, it was the governor asking the recents to rethink about positions on raising
not have electricity. new york did not impose rationing until friday. >>> los angeles is trying to go meatless on mondays. the city council that had earlier declared war on transfats and fast food restaurants has voted unanimously now to adopt a rest looking urging residents to pledge they will not eat meat on the first day of the week. this resolution is just a recommendation. it doesn't make eating meat on monday illegal. police will not check what you brought to work for lunch. >>> let's go back to the weather. if you like cool weather, you are in luck. we will have more of it. >> starting to feel like winter around here. it did with the cool day. today was warmer. change is coming. i talked about it earlier. we'll see clouds increase as we head into wednesday, thursday, and friday. there is rain in the forecast. live storm tracker 2 shows rain to the north of us. the radar sweep will fire up there. there is no rain here. there won't be rain here for a while. we'll warm up a little bit and we talked about that as well. overnight lows are low, frost, ice in the north bay. we'll have
. >> sandy won't bump the new york marathon. organizers say they expect it'll be run as scheduled. they are moving forward with plans despite flooding and transit shut downs. the mayor said he hopes that most of the city's power will be back on by race time. >> as the east coast prepares the bay area is pitching in. a woman headed across the country to help the victims of that storm. . >> and back here in just ten. light sprinkles showing up. the rain headed our way. when it arrives and how it'll impact trick or treating. . >>> as people clean up after sandy red cross volunteers are heading to that disaster zone to pitch in. as alex tells us others are finding ways to help from here at home. >> reporter: responding to sandy, red cross volunteer hopped on a plane today flying to white plains new york. >> it can be traumatic. >> reporter: she is part of a disaster mental health team that's been deployed. she said she is most worried about the people who have the least. >> the more stresses you have already when you get hit with another one it's really hard. if we can respond qui
back the area's beaches and famed atlantic city boardwalk. the late october storm killed 24 people and knocked out power for millions. some 600 people are still without electricity tonight. >>> also today, new york senator charles schumer called for an overhaul of the cell phone industry, after the massive failure in service during the storm. >> the goal is simple, that no matter what the disaster, there's uninterrupted cell phone service for our first responders and for our citizens who lost power and need food, need to report fires, need to communicate in every way. >> a quarter of cell phone users in the area lost service when sandy hit. senator schumer wants the fcc to require cell phone operators to have backup power and find other ways to keep service going during disasters. >>> more than two dozen are dead and a fifth straight day of mideast violence. hear which country is taking a lead role in brokering a peace deal between israel and hamas. >> president obama arrives in thailand for a tour of southeast asia. we'll tell you why this trip is historic for a u.s. president. >>
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11